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We love what we do!  Read what our clients are saying!

“Absolutely amazing results. This is the one exception to the rule that says if it’s too good to be true, it’s not. Dr. Vickers is the exception!”

Auto Accidents

  • “It is obvious the minute Dr. Vickers begins his initial assessment that he is not typical when it comes to traditional Doctors, chiropractors, or physical therapists. However his knowledge is that off all three combined and then some!  I highly recommend Dr Vickers to anyone, especially to those who have been unsuccessful elsewhere.”
  • “Allied Chiropractic has been amazing in helping me recover from my injuries that were caused from getting hit by a car. Sarah and Dr. Vickers have been more than accommodating by working around my schedule and always fitting me in when needed. Sarah does very well running the office, while Dr. Vickers is one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent chiropractic physicians I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t be near as far as I am in my recovery process without their help. Thank you for everything.”
  • “I found Dr. Vickers after an automobile accident that resulted in neck injury. I experienced terrible pain that would come on for several days at a time and leave me absolutely incapacitated. It was ruining my life at 33. After just two weeks of treatment I felt more stable and aligned. In one months time he had significantly reduced neck and shoulder pain. I now have no pain – ever! Amazing! Very gentle approach not as painful as some other chiropractic experiences have been. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”
  • “2 car accidents within 13 months left me in constant pain and I could barely hold my head up towards the end of the day. I had been treated previously for 15 months where I lived in NC and still was constant pain. On a whim I saw a physical therapist and he recommended Dr. Vickers. Within 6 weeks the pain was almost gone & I could see a future where I would not be in constant pain. Dr. Vickers has a passion for his patients, as well as a plan for how he can restore & maintain your health.”

Chronic Pain

  • “I continue to be amazed by Dr. Vickers ability to identify the source of an issue and to provide quick, thorough and successful treatments. I have witnessed people seeking help through other means of rehab for physical well being, who continue to search for the magic answer that will eliminate pain and discomfort. Their search ends when they see Dr. Vickers. Dr. Vickers is trustworthy, honest, professional, and passionate about making people better in the shortest amount of time. Simply-The Best”
  • “I have suffered for years with digestive systems issues and a plethora of other conditions. Them team at Allied Chiropractic lead by Dr Vickers have patiently and consistently worked with me to change my lifestyle, eating habits, manage stress and be more healthy! I don’t know what I would do without them!!!”
  • “Josh is simply the best Chiropractor I’ve ever visited. I’ve had some chronic issues and recently diagnosed with arthritis in my lower spine. 8 years spent with another Chiropractor, Josh had me pain free in 4 visits.”


  • “Dr Vickers is truly a gift of health! He has a unique ability to get right to the problem and get me back to the healthy life I thought was lost. 4 months ago I woke up one morning with loud ringing,dizzy,complete loss of hearing in my left ear. ENT treatments failed, I was devastated. I saw Dr Vickers who discovered the true problem. Treatment is already giving me back hope of restoring my hearing and eliminating that insane tinnitus! Already I am so much better! Thank you Dr!”

Sports Injuries

  • “I experienced the worst neck injury in a yoga class when the instructor forced a pose with my back, & neck. Never have I had so much pain when looking down. I give Allied Chiropractic 5. Stars for accommodating me A.S.A.P my injury was diagnosed and pain relief started immediately after my neck was taped up, and I was informed how to start my healing process. I highly recommend making a appointment, you will walk out with a smile ;)”
  • “Dr Vickers has been incredible! My teen daughter injured her knee horribly and it has been a grueling experience for her. Dr V has been amazing at helping with alignment issues, pain and even rehab protocols. I really don’t know what we would have done without him. We drive 45 min each way and it is well worth it!!! Five stars in my book!!!”


  • “My 13 yr old son had migraines and Dr’s were trying to put him on meds. We were referred to Dr. Vickers by several members of our family and drove up from Colorado Springs…he saved our lives! My son has not had a headache in months and to top it off he sorted my knee that I have worked with PT’s on for over 2 years. He’s far and away our hero!”

Low Back Pain

  • “I went to Allied Chiropractic because i had a lot of pain in my lower back/hip area. I was in constant pain and unable to do any exercise. I had first gone to an osteopathic whom prescribed me steroids and only offered a dim outlook. I worked with Josh Vickers at Allied Chiropractic for a couple months and after several adjustments and doing exercises he as shown me to do, I feel like a new person. My pain is gone and I am able to run again.”
  • “I have spent the last two years going to various chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopaths for a herniated disc and horrible sciatica only to get temporary relief and thought at 24 i was going to be in pain the rest of my life. dr. vickers totally transformed my life and relieved my pain in only two months with far less visits than i would have imagined. the problem was my hip form a snowboard fall not my disc. he looks fast the obvious and looks at the whole body. he is truly so talented.”

General Health

  • “Dr. Vickers is amazing and I will never go anywhere else. very knowledgeable and shares it so you can continue a productive lifestyle for health and comfort. Highly recommend to anyone!”
  • “It was my first time seeing a chiropractor. Very polite, and knowledgeable. He was very good at explaining what was wrong, and how he is going to fix it. His priority is his patients best interest. “
  • “He is thorough, professional, caring and effective. He has helped my medical issues and relieved me from a great deal of pain. I referred my daughter and he was very thorough, competent and knowledgeable. He has made tremendous strides with my daughter.”
  • “I have had the best experience @ Allied Chiro & Rehab! I have seen Dr. Vickers, Ashley & June for pilates, Janelle & Tony for massage. Sarah up front is very knowledgeable & helpful. They are all fantastic! Very caring & attentive to their patients. I appreciate that Dr. Vickers treats his patients as a whole being & doesn’t just focus on one problem area. He gets to the root of the problem. Much appreciation to him & his whole staff for helping me to achieve better health!”
  • “Josh is more than a Chiropractor. He looks at the entire picture which encompasses the identification of muscle imbalances, and incorporates exercise, stretches and other therapeutic techniques to solve the issue. He is interested in getting you healed vs. the “pop” shop method of Chiropractic forever.”


  • “I’m 4 years old and Dr Josh got rid of my ear infection. He made me feel so much better!! He also helps the flat spot on my head round out and helps my head become more symmetrical.”



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