Chiropractic Manipulation

joint mobilization

Chiropractic manipulation or joint mobilization can safely and effectively improve joint mobility, decrease pain and improve healing. We take great pride with every patient in properly assessing the function of all joints in order to determine if Joint Mobilization will be safe and effective form of treatment.

We are skilled and experienced in multiple forms of joint mobilization to ensure we perform the most appropriate form of treatment suited specifically to each patient.

Joint mobilization of the neck and back is safe; bad healthcare providers who do not properly assess and rule out all possible risk factors for each patient are unsafe.

We are extremely thorough in our evaluation to determine the safest and most effective form of therapy. Joint manipulation is not always the answer. Our goal is perform manual therapy including joint mobilization in an effort to begin active rehabilitation/exercises as quickly as possible.

Why is joint mobilization important?

FACT: Joints, including ligaments, tendons and articular cartilage do not have a significant blood supply leaving these structures dependent upon movement in order to maintain function and health.

Gravity is our only constant compression stimulus, and because it’s constant it is essential to maintain proper joint function especially within the spine and pelvis, largely due to the direct relationship with the Central Nervous System. Compression forces to virtually all properly functioning joints, especially the spine, allows blood/fluid to move in and out of articular cartilage within a joint, and allows for the maintenance of healthy articular cartilage and proper joint function.

The ability to correctly absorb gravity indicates the presence of normal biomechanics. Normal biomechanics indicates the presence of proper muscle tone and balanced peripheral(upper and lower extremities) neurological input to the central nervous system. Balanced neurological input is absolutely vital for proper healing!

Abnormal joint function secondary to all forms of stress including, injury, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, abnormal posture/abnormal muscle tone, surgery, and neurological conditions cause adaptations in articular cartilage and surrounding soft tissue structures (ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage, and fascia).

Abnormal joint function leads to reduction in blood flow, abnormal synovial composition, thinning of cartilage, alterations in ligamentous joint capsule and surrounding soft tissue structures, alteration in the function of nerves located within the ligamentous joint capsule and surrounding core muscles, and most importantly a decreased ability to manage motion and resist gravity.

Inability to absorb gravity correctly, move correctly and adapt correctly leads to susceptibility to injury, chronic pain, chronic headaches, degenerative joint and disc disease and numerous other debilitating conditions.

Research consistently shows joint mobilization improves range of motion, increases blood flow, reduces degree of muscle spasm, and improves local nerve receptor activation.

However, receiving joint manipulation as treatment for any situation is not enough! Fact is muscle move bones; if the muscle and soft tissue dysfunction is not also addressed, research states the effects of joint manipulation is likely minimal. The goal of joint mobilization is to make ACTIVE REHABILITATION more EFFECTIVE!

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