Pilates For Rehab

When you become injured or you’re struggling with a chronic pain like headaches, neck and back pain, your path to recovery may seem long and limiting. The Pilates movement specialists at ACR can help speed up your recovery by focusing on proper movement techniques to heal your injuries and chronic ailments. We know that when you improve the function and performance of your muscular system, you’ll experience better posture, less neck and back pain, fewer headaches, improved sleep and greater self-esteem. In private or small group Pilates sessions, we’ll help you improve your flexibility, mobility, coordination, and overall body strength to support your specific rehabilitation needs.

We offer private Pilates for Rehab sessions throughout the week that focus on supporting healthy backs, restoring your core, and releasing tension from your neck and shoulders.

Call us today to learn about our Pilates for Rehab offerings and to sign up for a free Demo Class.

Private Pilates Training Rates

  • 30-Minute Session     $60
  • 45-Minute Session     $75
  • 60-Minute Session     $90
  • Package of 6, 5% Discount
  • Package of 12, 10% Discount
  • Package of 20, 15% Discount


Meet Our Instructors

Ashely Olsen Headshot

Ashley Olsen, Certified Pilates Practitioner

June Kahn, Master Certified Pilates Practitioner

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