Peggy Clark, PT

Peggy ClarkI have been a practicing physical therapist for 26 years in a variety of settings and am still passionate about what I do.  An injury in high school is what set me on this course and loving what I do has kept me here. I don’t believe in treating a diagnosis, I treat people and bodies that are complex and need to be addressed that way.  I focus on individualized, hands on therapy specific to to each client’s needs.  I have specialized in the treatment of orthopedic and spine related pain and injuries and have been on the patient side as well. In 2004 I had a fusion surgery of my lower lumbar spine due to a herniated disc with nerve pain going down my leg.  I have always considered myself to be a compassionate person and therapist but that experience enabled me to relate on a whole different level as I understand what it is like to be limited by pain and dysfunction. My goal as a PT  is to provide the very best care possible and help my clients to overcome their own physical challenges enabling them to live life to the fullest.

Professionally I received my undergraduate degree from San Diego State University and my Physical Therapy degree from Northwestern University.  I have additional training/certifications in spine specific PT, multiple soft tissue treatment techniques including myofascial release, kinisio taping and functional movement assessment.

Personally I enjoy spending time with my family, exercising (including crossfit and Spartan Racing) and participating in almost any activity that gets me outside to enjoy the sunshine!

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