Cailey Halloran, L.Ac, Diplm. O.M.

Cailey is a licensed acupuncturist and Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. She grew up in Pennsylvania and has strong roots in complementary medicine. She credits her Uncle Doc Larsen, a chiropractor, for helping spark her interest in preventative and holistic medicine. She decided to study Chinese Medicine after having success using it to treat her own chronic back pain and sciatica. She chose to study at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado because of its diverse academic program and its focus on women’s health. Cailey has a special affinity for working with women’s health issues, helping alleviate pain and treating the aging. In addition to her career at Southwest Acupuncture College, Cailey furthered her studies in Harbin, China where she studied and practiced in a hospital that focused on blending Western medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine. The experience in China inspired Cailey’s interest in neuro-functional and brain based acupuncture techniques. Cailey has seen amazing improvements with pain from auto-accidents, sports injuries, post-stroke paralysis, sleep, digestive and nervous system complaints. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, dancing and hearing live music.

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